Game Introduction: You play as a candle boy walking in a dark snow mountain. However, the wind and the cold make you slowly lost the light. So you have to find another candle to keep going. And once you find a new candle, the new candle will become you. The only hope you got is to keep burning, which can make light circle steady but also makes you burn more quicker. Be careful! Don't lost in this drak night! Platform: Windows How to play: push left and right arrow button to go left or right. Push space button to jump and push shift to burning harder.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Using unity to develop a 2D platformer game.
Installation Instructions: 

Open CandleBoy.exe to start the game


Dante [email protected]

JimmyZou [email protected]

jwdj Ender [email protected]

Aslan111 [email protected]

Kingsman [email protected]

We came from different part of china and work together online.

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