A lone student exits their school and reaches for something in their backpack, but can't find it. "Aw, man, I lost my umbrella," they say, worried sick. At least, that's what you imagine happened. Your owner forgot you at school! Oh no! Better hurry so they can find you! /// A 2D platformer game where a fearful umbrella gets lost from its owner and needs to face its fears to get home, as it glides over desks and faces tons of cranky school supplies. Brella will encounter enemy objects who will attack based on their use as tools, forcing the little umbrella to deal with each of them differently. Although Brella is a scaredy-cat, our protagonist can put up a fight--Slap those meanies! Block their attacks! Float over them! But, hey, what are those? Droplets! No umbrella can resist a few raindrops here and there... Might as well grab them all on the way! Go, Brella! Find your way to the lost & found before time runs out and your owner loses you forever! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Controls: Arrow Keys / WASD: Movement Space / "Z": Jump (Press and Hold in the air for a Float + Double Jump combo!) "X": Attack "C": Defend
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MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Engine: Unity2019.4.18f1 Art: 2D - Adobe Photoshop Programming: Visual Studio Sound: Audacity 2.4.2 & FL Studio
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Hopefully, it plays perfectly well on your web browser!





 Daniel Pontes Rolo - Character and Environment Designer and Illustration - Twitter: @Proliel 

Bruno Machado - 

  Game Design 

 Gabriel "Cyber Twilight" Medeiros - Project Management & Technical Game Design - Twitter: @CyberTwilight 

Lucas Roza - Level Design & Game Design - Twitter: @CarrozaLion



 Jorge Obrecht - UI & Structure Programmer - Twitter:  

Leonardo Santiago - Systems Programmer - Twitter: 

Bruno Machado - 


Daniel Cavazzote Moreno - Music & Sound Design - Twitter: @TheDCMoreno

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Side Scroller