Blind Wishes

At the bottom of the well there is a creature that fulfill wishes, for it you just need an eye. No fundo do poço existe uma criatura que realizara seus desejos, tudo que ela precisa e de um olho seu. To play the game use keyboard arrow keys.
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Windows Platform.

Use keyboard arrow keys to play.


Cristiane Pereira - Game Design, Narrative, Support

Daniel Cunha - Sound Designer, Music Composing, Game Design, Narrative

Davi Bezerra - Level Designer, Sound Designer, Music Composing, Game Design

Henry Rietra - Coding, 3d ART, Animations, VFX, Level Design, Game Design, Narrative

Viviane Bezerra - Project Management, Game Design, Narrative, Support

Stock SFX: nicStage, Yosarrian, monica137142, eardeer, BeezleFM, InspectorJ, delete_user_7709760

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Side Scroller