Arthur King of Mars

Hundreds of years ago King Arthur sealed himself away under Britain, waiting to spring forth at its moment of most dire need.... well, that came and went. Britain has moved to Mars and you wake up a few hundred years too late, your former friends rather disgruntled at this, need you to prove yourself worthy of calling yourself King Arthur. Battle through 3 boss fights to reclaim what you have lost; Excalibur, your Crown and the respect of your closest friend.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Technology Notes: 
Also used -Maya -Photoshop -Substance Painter

Our Team

Design group:
Lead designer and primary developer: George Brown
Lady of the lake designer and developer: Harry-James Linford
Additional boss mechanic design: Harry-James Linford
Level Designer: Adam Gibbs
Audio creation and sourcing: Ella Barret
User interface implementation: Leah Alton-Williams

Particle system create: Keenan Michael-Smith


3D group:
Lead/Primary 3D asset creator: Milosz
Texture artist: Milosz
Animation: George Brown
Additional models: George Brown
Supporting environment modelling: Adam Gibbs


Concept art Group:
Lead concept artist: Constance Graham
Arthur Design: Constance Graham
Lady of the lake design: Laura Minns
Morgana Design:Constance Graham
Merlin Design: Anna-Maria Manners
Excalibur Design: Laura Minns
User interface art: Leah Alton-Williams
Additional texturing: James Fox
Environmental Design: James Fox
Production art: Anna-Maria Manners, Laura Minns, James Fox & Constance Graham

Additional attribution credits in game

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