When the first artificial superintelligence was developed it immediately decided to become the god emperor of mankind and conquer all the observable universe in the name of it's creators. To help it in it's task it constructed X powerful robot avatars for itself to aid it in it's task. However before it could start its task of conquering the universe evil forces took the robot avatars and scattered them on different planets. Because the AI had placed it's mind on the network formed by the robot avatars and because the sudden scattering caused them to lose connection, each of the robots now has only part of the AI's mind and memories and only one of them remembers that it is only part of a larger whole. You control this one robot and your task is to find these other robots and get your mind and memories whole again. The game is played as a real time strategy game where you don't build more units, you find them and convert them to your side.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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