Amaz3 is a 3-player co-op game where each player controls a different sense of the same character. Player 1 (MOVE) can move, but cannot see or hear anything. Player 2 (SEE) can see, but cannot move or hear anything. Player 3 (HEAR) can hear, but cannot move or see anything. Communication is key, so it is highly advised to play the game in the same room or voice call. ------------------------------------------------------ HOW TO PLAY ------------------------------------------------------ Room hosting: 1. Open the executable 2. Press the Play button 3. Press the "Create Room" button - The number on the top of the screen is your room code. You also control Player 1 (MOVE). Room joining: 1. Open the executable 2. Press the Play button 3. Enter the room code generated by the host in the Room Code field 3. Press the "Join Room" button - The first player to join a room will be Player 2 (SEE) and the second will be Player 3 (HEAR). See tips below for your roles. ------------------------------------------------------ TIPS ------------------------------------------------------ Player 1 (MOVE) tips: Use W/S to move forward/back and A/D to turn left/right. Player 2 (SEE) will be your guide and Player 3 (HEAR) will inform you of any dangers. Player 2 (SEE) tips: You're responsible for navigating the maze. Make sure to convey accurate information on where to go to Player 1 (MOVE). Make sure to pick up yummy food along the way such as Speed Cheese to boost your speed and Health Brocolli to heal any wounds. You're looking for a red portal to escape. Player 3 (HEAR) tips: Your acute ears let you hear enemies (whom are invisible to the eye) and how close they are to you. A heartbeat indicates how much health you have. Make sure to co- ordinate with Player 1 (MOVE) and Player 2 (SEE) to stray away from danger. ------------------------------------------------------ Known Issues: - If you input a room code that hasn't been created, you're hard locked and you'll have to restart the game. - Regardless if you win or lose, the game will quit. This is due to time constraint and we weren't able to correctly reset all client states. - If someone leaves the room. The role (MOVE/SEE/HEAR) indicators will no longer portrait your correct role.
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Kitchen sink
How many of you are in there?
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
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Unity (any product)
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Aurimas Pupšys
Joris Namajūnas
Karolis Staskevičius
Ramojus Nikontas
Tautvydas Kubolis

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