After Hours

You play as a school caretaker who is working late at night. Unfortunately, the lights in the school don't work very well so you need to use your trusty flashlight to look around the premises. As the school caretaker, you are tasked by looking at your computer files to look for the lost belongings of certain students. This is a daily routine for you so the task at hand isn't too complicated, however for some reason tonight things went a little bit differently. Controls: WASD to Move E to Interact with objects Q to Quit the Computer F to Toggle the Flashlight ALT + F4 to close the game
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Ben Lee - Core Programmer

Nicole Gordon -  Core Programmer & Level Design

Harrison Todd - Core Programmer & Sound Design

Jack Greene - UI Programmer & UI Design

Daniel James - Level Design


Additional Support:

Jack Hannah - Voice Actor

Game Stills: 
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