3008: Hotrod and Dangerou$

THE RACER is given a task by the LAST SCIENTIST to bring the RAIN MACHINE to the ocean, to restart the sun-scorched world's weather, and reboot LOST civilization. Unfortunately, THE RACER'S journey is opposed by the dangerous BEACH RAIDERS who feel that allowing rain to fall again will ruin their tans! Will THE RACER deliver the weather machine and FIND a way to save the world? Or will earth 3008 remain forever in the control of the beach raiders? We know; it's not Shakespeare! W to accellerate, A/D to steer your car
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Elise Allan @Elefire_dev - Artist

Brendan Blue @BrendanDBlue - Producer & Designer

Dana McKay @fixgritt - Artist & Designer

Sian Sallway @SSallway - Programer & Troubleshooter

Winged Souls @Winged_Souls - Composer

Dean Subritzky @DeanSubritzky - Desiger & Artist

TheKasman @TheKasman_Aus - Mixer

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