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Friday 8pm-midnight, Saturday 11am- Midnight, Sunday 11am- 6pm
Jam Site Description: 

The Jam will run January 31- Feb 2, in the following hours:

Friday 7pm - midnight,

Saturday 11am- Midnight 

Sunday 11am- 6pm 

The Jam is a free event, and we will not be providing any food or refreshment!

There are two rooms available ACW102 and ACW103, equipment and information about each room can be found at: http://dm.ampd.yorku.ca/ 

Due to size issues and equipment available the jam will be capped at 60 students. The site is only available to York University Students

We will be forming the teams at the day of the jam and will try to organize it in a way in which people with different skill sets will be grouped together.

Some folks might choose to become FLOATERS which are game jam mercenaries, looking to work on multiple projects during the jam, and are NOT joining up with teams fully (it is very common with folks who do music). if you are interested in becoming one, please register as one 

The jam will end (on Sunday) with everyone playing the games made during the weekend, this will be open for other folks who are not part of the jam. 

Some Rules

Be respectful of the Jam and your fellow Jammers! This is meant to be a fun time for everyone, so please be considerate!

This is a fun event, not a competition and will be treated as such.

No Alcohol or drugs are allowed 

The jam follows York University Code of Conduct as well as the following:
Fostering an inclusive, barrier-free, and safe space to facilitate Global Game Jam is paramount. We aim and are committed to ensuring that while participating in the jam every person feels safe, respected and free from harassment and discrimination, in jam settings. All student participants and guests are expected to uphold these values and York’s commitment to being a “welcoming and approachable campus, embracing global perspectives and differences in cultures, people and thinking, by engaging communities in collegial dialogue” (York University Free Speech Statement of Policy 2018, s.3(1)). 

We want to ensure everyone can fully enjoy this course and can bring their whole selves to the experience. If there are barriers we may have unintentionally created, please let us know at [email protected] 

Students who will break those rules will be asked to leave the jam. 

Additional Rules

Guests are only allowed on Sunday, if you want to participate in the jam and you are not a York student please contact Yifat ([email protected]).

Food and Drinks are not allowed in ACW102, except for specifically designated areas 

We will be trying to keep a scent free environment, for more about it please read: https://www.ccohs.ca/products/posters/scentfree/

While we accept Solo Jammers, we will give preferences to teams when it comes to computer access in ACW102

Who Can Participate: 
Students at York University
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
Maximum Capacity: 

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