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Important Updates:

To ensure safety due to recent events, the GGJ Shenzhen 2020 location will cancel the in-person GGJ gathering. We are looking at alternative solutions where Shenzhen jammers can potentially participate in GGJ remotely. Remote jamming is not normally allowed, but due to extreme circumstances it is being considered.

We will be hosting make-up game jam event locally at a later date. Follow @XRpioneer on WeChat and Twitter for further updates.

Thanks everyone and jam safely.




Welcome to Global Game Jam 2020! In collaboration with the all GGJ China sites (Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, and Beijing) we will be hosting the first GGJ online where jammers in China will jam from home. This does not mean remote GGJ is allowed world-wide. We are the only GGJ sites with special permission due to the special situation.




Before January 31, 2020 | 16:00 (China Time Zone)

1. Complete registration at your relevant GGJ official website is necessary. For GGJ Shenzhen go here: https://globalgamejam.org/2020/jam-sites/xr-pioneer-shekou

a. Please include your e-mail address during registration so you receive important notifications and news updates for GGJ activity.


2020年1月31日之前| 16:00(中国时区




2. Highly recommended to download and install any software you’ll need prior to game-jam:



a. Unity

b. Game Maker

c. Unreal Engine

d. Adobe Creative Suite

e. Blender

f. Gimp

g. Audacity




1. Team up with people online, if you cannot, then ask Site Organizer for help.


“powplays” (GGJ Shenzhen)

“deersworkshop” (GGJ Chengdu)

“JadeWu1985” (GGJ Shanghai)


1. 必须在GGJ官网注册账号并加入一个站点。在线组队,如果你没能找到队伍请及时联系管理员寻求帮助。


“powplays” (GGJ Shenzhen)

“deersworkshop” (GGJ Chengdu)

“JadeWu1985” (GGJ Shanghai)


2. Register your team on GGJ site https://globalgamejam.org/ and also on on GameHub website (http://bit.ly/36BorKB), so Site Organizer can see it. GameHub site you’ll be able to use as a resource for also meeting jammers.


2. 在GGJ网站https://globalgamejam.org/以及GameHub(http://bit.ly/36BorKB) 网站上注册您的团队


Who Can Participate: 
Ages 11+ (As this will be a remote game jam experience)
Age Restrictions: 
This year the in-person gathering is cancelled for safety precaution. Will update if a remote solution is possible. If so, ages 11 and up are welcome to jam.

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