Warsaw Campus Jam 2020

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Google Campus Warsaw is hosting Global Game Jam for the first time this year.

To access the location, you will have to register as a Campus member, but once you do that - you will have access to the site throughout the entire jam, as well as internet access and you will be able to use all the other Campus facilities.

Registration is free and the detailed agenda will be provided on this page once it is finalized.

Please Note: while it is enough to register with Campus Warsaw to enter the site, you will also have to register with the Global Game Jam to be able to upload your work and take part in the competition. Global Game Jam registration for our site will open on the day of the event.


The event starts at 4 PM on Friday and ends at 5 PM on Sunday!

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Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
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Recently Uploaded Games

Trailer Park Supervisor is RPG style tycoon game when you need to help your tenants with their trailer houses. You need to repair sometime crazy stuff which gives you extra money.
Drag and drop interactive objects to repair the sounds of your family house and bring it back to its former glory. Story: You're back in your hometown after years.
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