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This event is being run by the University of Chester Games Development Society. You will have to be a student at the uni to participate. Bring your own food and drinks, though there are food and drink vending machines around and the other food services available. The site will be open for 48 hours though there are limited computers, only 12 computers two of which are Macs, this is a public space so other students not competing might be sharing the room. If you have your own laptops it would be good to bring them. I will look into booking pods to brainstorm in for the first hour or two of the jam. There will be students of all years taking part and some might be willing to cross years for teams. We're running this jam to support student growth and to have fun making games. It will be a nice place to gather around for some friendly competition and get to know other students.

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Only university students
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18+ only
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