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UPDATE: Due to massive response this year we are going to be a bit short on available computers, if possible please bring your own equipment!

Welcome back to the SSM Jam as we continue our annual adventure into creative jamming. Every skill level are welcome and all ideas are valid. 

We generally get together around 4 - 4:30 Pm as a quick meet and greet before the official launch so we are all set to receive the message from our global game jam overlords. Please register on the global game jam site well in advance so we can properly gauge food needs. 

Most jammers will stay till about 1am every evening but the site is open through the whole 48 hours of creative glory. At the end we close off with a play test of everyone's game to have a blast with fellow creators. Its a party!

Sault College is an amazing sponsor of this event every year and they are providing the space, its a game development student lab, 24 hour security on campus, food court, tim hortons, sub restaurant and lots of space to branch out. Parking is free during the weekend and after 5pm. 

What makes our game jam special is the community vibe, its seriously open to everyone (well age 18 and over) and from professionals to complete beginners its all a beautiful collaboration.  

We also have a facebook group which we give the link out at our event. 

North Origin Games is organizing and sponsoring the event with Sault College and The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre.   

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18+ only
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