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Entrance Fee: 
Donation to Makerspace appreciated ($5-$10) based on participants' judgement.
Maximum Capacity: 
Friday: 4-11pm. Sat: 8am-11pm. Sun: 8am-5pm.
Jam Site Description: 

This jam is being run by Mid-Island Game Developers (MIGD) at Makerspace Nanaimo. We're pleased to announce that LDRLY Games and Cloudhead Games are both sponsoring the event - snacks will be provided, along with food on Friday and Saturday evenings!

About MIGD and the Global Game Jam

  • This is MIGD's first game jam! We're a group of game developers (hobbyist and professional) on Vancouver Island, mostly concentrated in Nanaimo, and you're welcome to join our Meetup. But you don't have to be part of our Meetup group to participate in the Global Game Jam.
  • Our group is open to all skill levels. Haven't made a game before? There's no better way or time to start!
    • Want to program? Grab a game engine (Unity, GameMaker, Unreal, or other engine of your choice) and jump on in!
    • Is art your thing? There's plenty of free tools out there including Inkscape, MagicaVoxel, and Blender just as a start.
    • How about sound design and music? Check out Bfxr, LMMS, or musagi.
    • While our site doesn't have specific mentors, you will find people excited to help you get started on your gamedev journey!
  • Remember, this isn't just about code: games need art, music, writing, level designers and more. A game developer is anyone who's involved in developing a game! 
    • But something not usually in short supply are ideas. Don't expect to join a team as the "ideas person" or producer. Everyone jamming should expect to get their hands dirty in creation!

Key Timings

  • Friday
    • 4pm: The jam site will open for jammers to arrive, register, set up, and mingle.
    • 5pm: The keynote will be presented and theme announced
  • Saturday
    • 11am: Jammers need to have their game project page set up on the Global Game Jam site
  • Sunday
    • 2pm: Teams start uploading their game (if they haven't already)
    • 3pm: Game presentations/shared play time as available.
    • 5pm: Jam concludes, teams depart.

Venue Info

  • Bus stops are under a 10-minute walk away. Service is fairly regular throughout the day, but slows after 6pm (and stops at 7pm on Sunday).
  • There are not many food options available. Quality Foods and Landlubber Pub are a 12-minute walk away. It is recommended you bring food. There is a single fridge on site, but with up to 30 participants, non-perishable food is preferred as space cannot be guaranteed.
  • The Makerspace is an open work area. While there is a loveseat, participants should plan on getting some sleep off-site during the jam.

What You'll Need/Recommended to Bring

  • Laptop computer (updated with your development software of choice)
  • Earbuds or isolating headphones to help you focus on your project
  • Food.
  • Your enthusiasm to create!
Food Options: 
Nothing available in the area. Participants must arrange their own food and drink.
Available Tools or Technology: 
Wi-Fi; power provided to tables.
Who Can Participate: 
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only

Recently Uploaded Games

Plummy rabbit must repair her water pipes to grow her carrots to be big and juicy. This game can be played by two players, with one collecting and using pipe pieces, and the other moving Plummy Rabbi
Repair the door lock and leave the house through the door... CONTROLS - Move with arrows or WASD keys - Click on objects to interact HINTS 1. The clock points where to start 2.
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There will be pizza!
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