Lingnan University, Hong Kong

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Welcome to the Global Game Jam 2020 at Lingnan University.

The Global Game Jam is an International event where young and old creative minds will make a game within 48 hours together.

The welcome gathering start at 3 PM on 31 of January

The Global Game Jam will start at 5 PM 31 of January and stops at 6 PM on 2 February.

After the Jam we will gather to show our games and celebrate our success.

After the theme there will be time for brainstorming. Participants will mingle and form groups main goal is to share different perspectives and interests share their ideas to create something new. The main goal is to bring different expertise areas together. Our location offers the space and resources to create boardgames or if you bring your own computer/laptop you can create digital experiences or games.

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18+ only
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Recently Uploaded Games

Short game about repairing crumbling buildings
We are inspired by the idea of "Memories Make Oneself".