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One meal will be provided on Saturday night as well as drinks and snacks. For meals that Imangi does not provide there are ample places close by to pick up some grub.


We have around 5 relatively large work spaces for groups to make their games. Our conference room will serve as our main get together point when listening to the keynote or presenting our games.


During the Global Game Jam we recommend you sleep. Due to this, there will be a cut off time every night where everyone must leave to go home and get sleep. In the past this has typically been late in the night (3am / 4am) and we resume jamming in the morning (7am / 8am).

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18+ only
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"Prepare to Re-Pair!" is the story of two lonely magnets, lost in the world and searching for love. Players will race against the clock to reach their electrically-charged buddies!
VRoom VRoom Taco is a VR game where you play in the back of a food truck on the move. Fill orders while driving down the highway, constantly repairing your trucks ever-failing cookware.
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