GGJ Kaohsiung 2020

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While most of our jammers are Taiwanese, we do have international jammers from time to time, and we fully welcome you to join us if you happen to be in Kaohsiung at the time. However, please note our local registration site is at:

And we will handle all registration from there! Please do not join this jam site if you didn't register on KKTIX first! Please also email me about the registration process if you can't read Traditional Chinese -- since we do have a pretty sophisticated registration process for team matching purposes. :)


所有參與者都需要透過我們自己設立的 KKTIX 頁面進行報名,請務必先至 KKTIX 報名完成(再到本場地頁面點選 Join this jam site。若 KKTIX 人數已滿,請先勿在本頁面加入場地,我們無法保證你可以參加。

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18+ only

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