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Event Schedule

'LAUNCH PREP' - Day 1 (31th Jan 2020)

● 1730 Welcome Address

● 1800 Global Game Jam Keynote video

● 1830 Make teams


'TAKE OFF' - Day 2 (1st Feb 2020)

● 1200 Register your team on Game Jam site


'INFINITY AND BEYOND' - Day 3 (2nd Feb 2020)

● 1630 Submit your game on Jam sites

● 1700 Jam showcase

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18+ only
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ITS THE YEAR 2030 Bicycle GP is the greatest sport in the world. Being A 'One-man Mobile Bicycle Pit Crew' or OMBPC for short is the toughest job in the world. You're Bipedal Cyclewa
The networks are down and must be repaired. Unfortunately it's a legacy network and they are complicated beasts. Use long wires and the quality gets degraded.
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