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Today is the day!  Let's Jam!

We will be playing the keynote at 5:30pm today (Friday, Jan 31st) unless everyone is here sooner.  Feel free to come by as early as 4pm and people can start getting aquainted.

Park anywhere you like, most of the lot will be empty by 5.

We are the only office located on the first floor, so it shouldn't be hard to find us.  But when you first arrive, you'll need to be let into the office, and possibly the building, depending on the time.

Call into the office and we'll send someone out to find you.
613-595-1999 x540 (sorry, the previous extension wasn't working)


Crank Software Inc. is an award winning company specializing in embedded user interface technology.  We are passionate about accelerating the embedded UI design and development experience for global brands.

This year a handful of staff from Crank who have participated in past GGJ events have enthusiastically accepted the challenge of hosting a site so that Crank can share the experience of taking part in this awesome event with its fellow members of the very spirited and diverse Ottawa technology community.

We know that for those of us who don't live in the core of Ottawa, it can be difficult and time consuming to get to and from the middle of the city.  It's for this reason that we are happy to open our spacious and comfortable Kanata headquarters to those looking for somewhere to jam a little closer to home.  Of course, even if you don't live in Kanata, you are still more than welcome to come and join us.

A couple things to keep in mind if you'd like to participate at our site.  As this is our first year (hopefully of many!) hosting a GGJ site, we will be playing things a little conservatively.  Right now, our limit is set to 30 people.  We will not be keeping our doors open for an overnight stay, and we will be hosting an alcohol free environment.

We are excited to offer our open work spaces, conference and meeting rooms, a lovely kitchen, meals and snacks, and plenty of parking. Best of all, our staff members on site are game enthusiasts. They know their way around animation and graphics, have written many a line of code in their career for these exact purposes, and are eager to lend a hand.

We would love to hit our capacity and see as many people out as possible.  Hope to see you there and good luck with the jam!

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18+ only
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