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Let's start with the important note: this site focuses on making physical TABLETOP GAMES (board, card, miniature and role playing games).

Video game developers are of course welcome to join the site, and maybe you could even participate in creating a tabletop game with a digital component!

Registering for this site happens through Eventbrite, click here to register!

At the site we have plenty of supplies for making tabletop games: blank boards, cards, dice, game pieces and so on. Also we have basic tools, such as scissors, glue, rulers, pens and a color laser printer. Note that we do not provide computers, so if you want to use one please bring it with you. We do have desks and monitors available though, so computer with keyboard & mouse is enough. WiFi is available.

For additional supplies note that our site is right next to Mall of Tripla, the recently opened sixth largest shopping mall in Finland! This means there are plenty of shops and restaurants available in close vicinity. Also in the same building with the jam site is Poromagia, a prominent tabletop retail store with plenty of supplies available.

Our site is open for the whole duration of the event so you can take advantage of the full 48 hours! If you plan to stay overnight please bring your own sleeping gear (don't forget to bring a sleeping pad).

In order to fuel you through the event we provide some food like pizza and snacks. For additional nutrition you'll find plenty of shops and restaurants close by.

About the host: Playmore Games Inc focuses on creating DIZED, the ultimate companion app for all tabletop games.



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18+ only
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