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If you are a game developer or passionate about games and want to get in touch and know people who are in the game industry in Algeria, this event is for you!  

This jam is orgnized by the Scientifi Club, Club Scientifique de l'ESI.  With help of the Algerian game developers association. 

You can register to this jam via the Global game jam website. Register normally and precise this site as the site of your JAM. participants from differents backgrounds are welcome. Participants should bring with them their working tool wether it's a pc or a paper and pen. the site will stay open during the whole 48 hours of the JAM.

This jam is hosted in order to bring game developers and people interested in the game industry together. The Global Game Jam has always been a great place for exchanging ideas and for boosting the game industry ecosystem. participant talk, collaborate and most importantly have fun together. 

We will be pleased to have you among us. 

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18+ only
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Trichroma is a puzzle game where the player take control of multiple glowing dots and try to fix the gapes in the dot bridges
In this game, the player must repair the tracks of a moving train using simple drawing like mouse movements. The papery world adds a nice feeling to the drawing process!
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