Bath Spa University GGJ 2020

Jam Site Owner: 
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Entrance Fee: 
Maximum Capacity: 
Open for entire 48 hours
Jam Site Description: 


Who is welcome?

Anyone registered as a student at Bath Spa University.

When does the site open to the public?

18:00 - 31st January 2020

When does the jam finish?

16:00 2nd February 2020

 What equipment people should I bring?

Beanbag chairs and cushions are recommended, you will have access to 24 PCs with chairs. If you prefer to work on your own laptop, feel free to bring it along.

What food will be available?

Snacks eg crisps, nuts, coca cola, chocolate bars etc will be provided but you are welcome to share or provide your own. On the Friday, we will order Pizza from Dominos at around 21:00.  If you have any dietary requirements or allergies please let a member of staff know.


if the site is open for the full 48 hours, how people register, a little about the venue and why you are running a jam, what makes your jam special, local sponsor mentions.

Food Options: 
Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
Available Tools or Technology: 
24 High Specification PCs, Arduinos Leonardos, Raspberry Pi 4s, Ultimaker 3, Many printers.
Who Can Participate: 
Bath Spa University students - ID is checked
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only

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This site is wheelchair accessible and has accessible toilets
This site has gender neutral toilets
This site has showers available
This site has a quiet space/spaces away from the main jam areas
This site has qualified first aiders
This site provides vegetarian food options
This site provides vegan food options
This site provides Kosher food options
This site provides Halal food options
This site offers gluten free food options
There will be pizza!
This site has free coffee
This site recycles
This site is alcohol free / has alcohol free spaces
This site has 24 hour security
This site has easily accessible public transport
This site has parking
This site has mentors
This is a non smoking site
This site has designated smoking areas
This site has a microwave
This site has refrigerator space
This site welcomes jammers creating boardgames
This site welcomes jammers creating hardware games/alternative controllers
This site provides loan equipment/computers
This site has auditorium space