Aori's Spaceship Repair Shop

Now hiring! Spaceship mechanic at Aori’s Spaceship Repair Shop. Rebels, imperial troops, civilians, everyone in need for a repair comes to Aori’s Repair Shop. But will you help them all? Does Aori even have the parts to help them all? Join the dark side or the light side and may the force be with you in this spaceship repair puzzle game! In Aori’s Spaceship Repair Shop you have to talk to customers and solve flow puzzles with the parts available to you in order to repair their space ships. When you succeed, you gain money, but Aori likes to spend money, so be careful to not get bankrupt! Can´t fix the ship? Well take all their stuff and pretend nothing happend ;)
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip the game and play it!


Mareike Rescheleit - Producer / Art Direction/ 2D-3D Artist / UI

Tobias - Lead Programmer

Maya Lynn Gaines - 2D-Artist (Environment, Character, Puzzle) / 2D-Animator

Bastian Meyer - Lead Game Designer / Programmer

Fabian Kober - Programmer (UI) / VFX

David Kraus - UI / Game Writing

Carlos Villalba Coronado - Programmer

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