Yaba's Quest

It's year 3030 in Lagos. Humans and robots share a mutual distrust of one another. While humans rule the city, they assign the least desirable tasks to their creation. But when a meteorite strikes Lagos and destroys part of it, both of them set their differences aside to create Yaba, a super-robot capable of rebuilding the city. Your mission is to help Yaba on his quest to repair the damaged city.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Windows: Open the Folder "Yaba Quest - Windows". Locate "Global Game Jam 2020 - Yaba.exe" and double click on it. Mac: Double Click On "Yaba Quest" app.


Ladejebi Temitayo- 3D/Modelling James Damilare- 3D/Modelling Ajiboye Tade- Development Habeeb Adebisi- Development Atanda Olanrewaju- Development /UI Tobechukwu Obitube.- Development/UI Adjuya Kevwe- Graphics Emmanuel Onaih- Graphics /UI Badmos lateef ishola- Graphics/3D Emmanuel Benson- Graphics/UI Tughu Aiyewa- Lead 3D Modeling/animation Feranmi Oladosu- Lead Developer Olorunfemi Adedeji- Lead Graphics/UI Moses Ayantunde--Lead Music/sfx Foyeke Ajao- Lead Writer Oladayo Ayoola- Music/sfx Daniel Benjamin Mahassin Quadri Raymond Tukpe

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