Waifu Workshop

In Waifu Workshop, up to four players battle each other to reach the utmost important goal of history: Building their own robot waifu!! The overall Goddess and Queen! Grabbing items, throwing items at jealous enemies, punching enemies to steal their items...everything is allowed in this chaotic platformer! Chose one of four unique robots and join the battle! Collect the 7 items (2x leg, 2x arm, torso, head, wings) and attach them to your own waifu in your base in one of the screen's corners. It does not matter how you combine the waifu parts...but if you are a REALLY hardcore gamer, try to find the parts that originate from your waifu and rebuild your waifu how it was designed. The player who completed their waifu first is the winner! He will get all the waifus!! ALL OF THE WAIFUS!!! (Up to 4 controllers are needed)
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Steven Ewheme Eshemokhai: Environment Art, Environment Animation

Samuel Korn: Character Animation, Colouring, Sound Effects, Music

Luisa Maibaum: Character Design, 2D Art, Interface Design, Game Design, Logo Design

Talal Zacharias Koch: Programming, Game Design, Technical Infastructure

Noah Roshan Samuel: Programming, Code Lead

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Third Person