Virus Eradicator

DIFFICULT BUT POSSIBLE GAME! A game where you must help save your daughter from an insidious virus! Enter a submarine and use a size-changing machine to enter the body's veins and repair infected areas. VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR MORE DETAILS CONTROLS: WASD - movement LEFT-CTRL - dock ship (you can dock at any wall. Just get close enough to it but try not to touch it. Docking also prevents your ship from being moved by other forces.) V - exit/enter ship R - start infection minigame (only when you have exited the ship and are closely docked to an infection). VIEW YOUTUBE VIDEO FOR EXAMPLE GAMEPLAY
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract and run the executable.


-Mert Tuğkan Uluşal -Ozan Ürkmez -Arda Bilen -Berke Muratoğlu

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