Vegans for Thanksgiving

Imelda a Filipina Vegan chef is meeting their partner Rainey's siblings for the for the first time at Thanksgiving. Their family is happy to host them, but knows nothing about feeding vegans. Things may get tense throughout the evening, but there is an added pressure not to starve at the dinner that features many decidedly non-vegan options. Will antics ensue? Most Certainly! Will everyone get through the night unscathed? Probably Not! Will they stick to their principles to save the earth? Play the visual novel to find out!
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Eco Action
MS Windows, Mac OS X
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  1. Adia - Programming and Writing
  2. Amanda - Art and Audio
  3. Aubrey Scott - Art
  4. Vicki Scott - Writing



SFX from

  1. Zimbot -
  2. JoelAudio -
  3. Jbricker1997 -
  4. Harri -
  5. Druki -
  6. Unfa -
  7. InspectorJ -
  8. Breviceps -

Music from

  1. Bone666138  -
  2. Jay_You -

Additional music by Kevin MacLeod -

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