Untitled Gravity Game

Ever wanted to repair your space ship only for gravity to say NO? Probably not but if you have, this is the game for you! Play as an astronaut tasked with progressing through and repairing his spaceship in zero gravity. How To Play: In this game you must throw items or push against walls to move in zero gravity You can grab items with the left mouse button then throw them with the space bar. You can also use the space bar to push off of surfaces if you're close enough. Your mouse acts as a pointer with a sphere showing where you're targeting, if the sphere is red, what you want to push/grab is out of range. You can also try holding Q in order to free your pointer from looking around and more easily grab things. Press R if you get stuck on a level to reset it back to its original state. Objective: The goal of each level is to progress to the next through doors. Doors must be powered with batteries so make sure you try opening a door before going through one! Hints: Fans will PUSH you away from where they are while holes will suck you towards them. Don't get too close to holes though or else you'll get sucked into space!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Autodesk Maya and Blender were used for modeling
Installation Instructions: 

Just unzip the file!


Mitchell Kuppersmith - Programming & Modeling

Isaac Tepper - Programming

Gibson Price - Sound & Music

Alex - Physics 

Eli - Modeling


Some sounds came from freesound.org and opengameart.org

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Third Person