is a game when your goal is to avoid the unfixable status. when the board is covered by unfixabel unchangeable status the game ends. The prototype is a game when you have a fixed amount of turns to fill the most of the board with unfixable tokens or fixable tokens. the player who has more of its tokens wins
Jam year: 
Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
Technology Notes: 
You can play it with rol dice and coins or use a set of marks to count differnt values
Installation Instructions: 



Unfixable is a board game that uses a grid board (squares), dice and coins.


It has 2 players.


The dice player uses the die or dice . The sides of the dice determine the turns the game will last. (the game ends when the dice player lost all his lives, the die dies)
The dice can be: 20d (20 sides/turns); 12d; 10d; 8d; 6d; 4d


The coin player uses coins equal to the number of sides of the dice, the sides  of the coin represent zero and one being 0 the death and 1 the void.


The size of the grid must be related to the turns the game will have: 4d<= grid 3x3; 6d, 8d, 4x4 d;  10d, 12d, 20d <= 5x5.


The dice player  can move sides and diagonals one square per turn and it cost 1 turn. The dice can heal a coin that is 0 and flip it to 1, it cost 1 turn (only when is next to it, no diagonals). When the die lose its last turn it changes to a coin, if the sum of the coins around it is odd, it changes all surrounding coins to 1; if it’s even it becomes 0 and does not change other coins. (optional rule: instead of changing into a coin, the die is changed to a die with lesser sides, 20>12>10>8>6>4)

The goal of the dice player is to have more 1 coins on the grid, if there are more 0 coins the dice player loses.

The coin player puts a coin on the grid on his turn.

The coins can’t move.
If there is a die next to a coin (no diagonals), the coin player can use it’s turn to rest a turn of the dice instead of putting a coin on the grid.
The goal of the coin player is to have more 0 coins on the grid, if there are equal amount of 0 and 1 coins is consider a draw.


To rol player how give me the dice. to my family and the staff who organise this event. specialy to the people of univalle, adevi, and firebot games, also team ninja and apollo studios. And more important to LDZ since she encourage me to move on.