There are many samples of the genre of game where a player crashlands or washes up in a vibrant natural environment, and must construct tools to survive and ultimately build factories and machines to progress down a tech tree or escape. Generally, this involves strip mining resources from the environment and destroying the terrain. With that in mind we made our submission for the Global Game Jam themed on ‘repair,’ Unfactorio. The premise of Unfactorio is that a player came through playing one of these games, then left, leaving behind a devastated and polluted environment. The player spawns as a dryad, tasked with repairing the world. The game plays out as a tug-of-war between nature and pollution. The Dryad spreads nature where she walks, which also spreads on its own as it becomes denser. And she can channel to increase growth. Eventually flowers and trees will reappear, enhancing the Dryad’s power. Meanwhile, abandoned factories spew pollution into the environment. There is a ‘world power’ which the Dryad can increase by growing trees and cleansing polluted water. This power both augments her own abilities, and gives nature an edge against pollution. Without this boost, pollution will eventually overwhelm the world with its mechanical advantage. The game is won when the Dryad raises the power of nature enough. How to Play: Spread grass by walking (WASD) Channel to promote growth (Space) Denser grass will spread faster Tall and flowering grass will spread faster still Flowering grass can also spawn trees Abandoned machinery will impede the spread of growth, even if it doesn’t spew foul pollutants Cleanse pools to increase the power of nature
Jam year: 
Eco Action
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)


Evan Miller


Sky Malice
Sam Raymer


Yoh Handa
Myra Lara


Jacob Eliett


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