Un train peut en cacher un autre

You are playing as a switch operator in St Lazare train station during the 70s. You are managing a team of 2 mecanicians to repair railways as trains roll at full speed. Avoid collision and do not let trains derail. You need a gamepad to manage one of them at a time through radio with 3 orders: Move (A), Hold (B) and Turn Back (Y). They can only move up and down, in order to move horizontaly they will have to go back to the start platform. You can switch from one to another with the triggers, they repair tracks automatically, you will just have to order them to go again once it's done.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)

Pascal Galibourg - Game Design

Calypso Martinez - Game Artist

Paul Meyer - Game Artist

Tristan Record - Game Developper

Clément Sabrié - Game Artist

3WAcademy - Host

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