They see me rollin`

You play as roadroller and your mission is to repair the road. Main idea - to score as much as possible points before your lives ended. Game is controlled with accelerometer and tap on the screen. Mechanic of the game is based on classical runners. Plus game uses live weather forecast and your geografic location to simulate weather conditions in your region. Your name also used as a seed for initial game objects spawning sequence. To score points you schould fill the hole with asphalt and drive along it by roadroller. Your lives are taken: if you missed fill the hole with asphalt and drive along it by roadroller, tap on the sewer hatch instead of the pit, hit the road sign and hitting a policeman or repairman. BUT For those who find beeing a good man tooo boring we created a special mode - UkrAvtoDor, where you shoud do completely opposite! Miss the pits, fill with asphalt sewer hatch, hit the road sign and a policeman! After all, in any mode you choose - have fun! :)
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Seriously, who are you?
And Now, The Weather
Android device, iPhone, iPad
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Unity (any product)
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Third Person