Train Mreck

"You are Billy Bob Cornbread Jr, the fastest train mechanic on the western frontier. What should have been an ordinary day at work turned in to a real mess when you realized you'd left your tool-belt at home...." Buttons: -Jump = Space/A button -Action = LCtrl/ Y button -Movement = Arrows/Joystick -Restart game = R on the keyboard How to play (Designed with controller in mind but works on keyboard): -Enter your name and press start/enter to start -The game starts and components will start breaking down -Your goal is to get points for repairing but beware, when components are broken, they bleed oil. You lose when you have no oil left! -When a component breaks down you go to the lockers in front to get a tool with the action button. -To repair you go to the component with the correct tool and press the action button -To get a new tool you need to put the one you have into the locker by standing in front of it and pressing the action button. -You can only carry one tool at a time.
Jam year: 
Seriously, who are you?
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Piskel - Reaper -
Installation Instructions: 

Run the .exe in release/build.


Filip Andersson: code and design

Victor Lundblad: design, art and audio

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Side Scroller