Railway Repair Man, or, The Texas Trainsaw Massacre of Trismegistus (Big Evil Jam Team)

They have summoned you. You have come. But they made a mistake, and the universe can be yours—as long as the rails that tether you to this reality can be manipulated to your Will. VITRIOL = ABRAXAS = XNOUBIS = MEITHRAS VISITA = SUN = HEART = GOLD INTERIORA = MOON = BROW = SILVER TERRAE = MERCURY = CROWN = MERCURY RECTIFICANDO = JUPITER = NAVEL = TIN INVENIES = MARS = SACRAL = IRON OCCULTUM = VENUS = THROAT = COPPER LAPIDEM = SATURN = BASE = LEAD Prepare yourself for the TEXAS TRAINSAW MASSACRE. A rhythmless action game about repairing a railway. With satanic undertones. **Requires Xbox 360/Xbox One controller** Instructions: - Follow the on-screen button prompts to chant and summon rail track pieces - Use left/right triggers to activate chainsaws - Don't allow the Fat Defector to reach the end of the track and ascend!
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Renoise 3.1, Reaper, Reaktor 6, freesound.org, a slightly foxed Zoom H4n, coffee Requires Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller.
Installation Instructions: 

Requires Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller


The BIG EVIL CORPORATION Jam team, working with Sheffield Hallam University students.

Sheffield Hallam University:

  • Damien Bruce
  • Finlay Peers
  • Troy Hemingway
  • Sam Louise Dyson
  • Reece Blackman

Big Evil Jam Team:

  • Meg Rouncefield
  • Davydd Pattinson
  • Matt Phillips

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