A turn-based endless runner with rewards for reaching checkpoints? Yep, you're looking at it right now. You pilot your ship by collecting resources as you travel across the vastness of space & expend them for movement bonuses whilst also losing resources & taking damage from micro-meteorites & other events. Three (3) types of resources are required to complete each stage; Air, Fuel, & Metal. Resources found are single elements or combinations of 2 elements in the shape of Tetraminoes. Each Element is stored in its own storage unit & you will need to determine what element you require & place the block into the relevant holding area. Placing a different element in the same grid as an existing element will destroy the element that was contained in that space, & any element placed into the incorrect hold is destroyed. During the flight damage may be sustained that will destroy a grid space such that a shape cannot be placed covering it until it has been repaired. You will start with a hand of 4 cards, some of which will have a choice between two actions, & 4 of each resource. You complete your actions in any order you wish, ending your turn will refill your hand but count toward how many turns it takes you to reach the checkpoint. Events are then triggered causing any additional damage to your ship. You can also trade resources for a distance boost, if you are willing to risk it.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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Maya & Photoshop for Art
Installation Instructions: 

Once downloaded unzip everything to the same location.  Double click NORTTEB that has the Unity black & white icon next to it to run the game.  Run it in 1920x1080 resolution.

Controls are:
* Click End Turn to deal your 1st hand of 4 cards (this will be fixed later)
* Right mouse click while over a card will 'rotate' it to switch the usable end.  If you click on a card the top most item is what is selected.
* Rotate Tetris shapes by using the Q & E buttons.  Click in the grid to place the shape.
* All of the shape must be within the grid area.
* You cannot place any part of a piece over a 'hole' where you have taken damage.
* Only blocks that match the colour of the area (Blue = Air, Grey = Metal, Red = Fuel) will stay, mis-matched blocks will be destroyed.
* If you overlap an existing block with the same coloured block nothing happens.
* If you overlap an existing block with a different coloured block both blocks are destroyed
* Repair Gel lets you place single blocks into one selected area.  If the block is green it means you can choose the area to place it but then all subsequent blocks must be placed in the same grid.
* Events must be played each turn.  If you don't click the card they will be actioned when you end turn.
* Ending your turn uses 1 from each Element & moves you forward 1 unit.  You can also click the Rocket Engine button to also move for the cost of 1 of each Element without ending your turn.
* There is currently no end state to the game.  Hit the 'Escape' key on your keyboard to exit back to the menu.
* There is also no waypoint checks or rewards at this stage.  Keep checking back as we will update this page as we progress the game further.

Enjoy the game!!


Design:               Jason Marsh & Sean Fenemore
Art:                      Angela Stevens
Programming:   Ryan Pallesen & Sian Sallway

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