Tantrum Rosa

A 2D top-down grid-based 4 player local pvp multiplayer turn-based strategy game where each player is a pirate flamingo that has shipwrecked and tries to rebuild their ship by collecting wood while avoiding a loco crocodile. Pretty much. Each player takes turns to move their flamingo (which always spawn in the corner of the map). They can move a maximum of 2 tiles, but can choose to end their turn at any time. After all players have moved, the crocodile starts moving. The crocodile always spawns at the centre of the map, facing a random direction. He always moves 4 tiles. Before he takes a step though, he looks around him (left, front, right, not behind cuz of his chonky neck). If he sees a flamingo along the line, he will change direction and move towards it in order to eat it. If he sees more than 1 flamingo at the same time, he goes for the closest one. If the distances are equal, he chooses one at random. Additionally, the crocodile can exit a row/column and re-enter it from the other side (pac-man style), as he can swim through the crocodile infested waters. The goal for the flamingos is to gather 2 pieces of wood each and bring them to their ship (their initial spawn position). Only 1 wood can be carried at a time. If a flamingo gets eaten while carrying a wood, that piece of wood will drop on that tile (the crocodile can pass through pieces of wood). The map starts with 4 pieces of wood initially and more are spawned after they are used on a ship. After 2 pieces of wood are used to repair the ship, that flamingo can choose to embark. Embarking takes 2 turns (without counting the one that started the action) and the flamingo cannot move anymore, hence it's vulnerable to the crocodile and the evilness of the other flamingos. There are also rocks scattered on the map that can be pushed by the flamingos, as long as there's nothing else on the other side. Players can use these rocks to hide from the crocodile as he cannot see over them (they can also use them to troll the other players). Rocks can also be pushed over the edge of the map, meaning they will sink. Flamingos that get eaten will respawn back at their initial location after 2 rounds, as long as they have lives left (they start with 2 extra lives). The game ends when 3 flamingos leave or when they all get eaten and have no more lives.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Click the .exe :)



  • Ciprian Aprodu
  • Mircea Popescu
  • Remus Petrescu


  • Andreea Preda

Game Design:

  • Robert Craciun
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