Super Mario The Plumber

Have you ever wondered how different Super Mario Bros. would be if the titular character was *actually* a plumber? That’s right, we envisioned an alternate reality where Mario is the head of his local plumbing service, lives in Macedonia and is a diehard fan of old folk music. Our game is a visual novel developed in RenPy, with voiceover provided by several members of our team. The game is planned to feature various minigames including ones where the player must rearrange and repair the pipes in various areas, but is currently unfinished and not all of them are implemented as of yet. Bonus features: local memes and easter eggs that will probably be very puzzling to international jammers! The source code and the game are in the same archive!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Other digital platform
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Downlaod the game from the Google Drive link. Extract the archive and just run the executable file.


Thanks to Nintendo for our beloved Super Mario characters, big thanks to Cane Nikolovski and anyone who helped us make this game.

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