Sun Star

This came from garbage. The garbage is to blame! Well, during the interruption, the debris clogged not only the planet earth. Well, space. Well, of course, it wasn’t the garbage itself that came into space and said: -Ha, there is so much space! There will be a beautiful dump! No, it is not. Perhaps it was thrown out by astronauts. Or is it the old broken satellites clogging up the place. Or something else. I’m just coming up with something from which the planets could get off the solar system. I don’t know, they just wanted to. Or For them, the time of destruction itself has come? Or scientists were convinced that in space there are no sentient beings. And they decided to destroy unnecessary planets. Or meteorites pushed them. Or the sun increased, and from this planet crashed. (Earth is the third planet in a row? Oh, so people also roast like a meat steak) In general, there are a lot of ideas about space. And no matter how nothing is repeated. Well, let’s say in the solar system the threads were broken. Which held the planets and prevented them from floating freely in space. And because the threads were torn. The planets sailed away. And why did they burst ... Well, maybe the same garbage itself. The same sun. Or a black hole? (Although how is this possible?) The comonauts slowly scattered the threads with their missiles. What else can you come up with? The universe wanted the planets to be free. (Well, this is unlikely ...) The stars began to increase and explode, because the stars are not able to grow indefinitely. When they reach the limit they explode. And what will happen to the moon? (Lord I don't know!) Or what else? But what if the planets were much larger, but not because of the fact that the universe thought: -Hmm ... there are too many of them and they interfere. But what if I accidentally wipe my life? Hmm ... Yes, only nine planets must be left alive. And then, I will give them eternal freedom. (Probably people on Earth will die from the cold and the sun will not be. So there will be no light. But in space it is very cold and there is nothing to breathe.) What is there to do? Well, everything is simple and clear, you need to fix the solar system. And that's it, but how to fix it depends, probably, from the beginning. Well, that would fix the problem and the solar system did not break. After all, not only do we need to fix the planets, we must return them to their place. (Yes, and know what kind of planet the account) Sew, glue, clean, repair, repair. And all that is needed for this. Probably, tools should also be invented just in case. Tools for repair. for instance Hammer of Destruction He fixes problems. But do not accidentally destroy what does not need to be destroyed.  Cosmo Thread  You can use to sew up the threads of the solar system. (they are limited, in order to get them you have to pay with game currency. Well, for example, extinct stars or star wrecks) "Musorosos?" Well, suck in the garbage, so as not to interfere. Not? And yes, obstacles will be needed. Well...
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Eco Action
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