After an unsuccessful launch between two warp gates you find your ship in an unknown sector in space. Your ship is currently heavily damaged, hundreds of light-years from civilization, and risks becoming immobile with limited life-support systems. If you don't fix these issues fast, you will become stranded. Race against the clock to find all of the parts, and then repair the core modules to get your ship back into shape to call for help.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Level Design - Kyle Weller & Christopher Saunders

Map Design - Kyle Weller

Programming - Benjamin Smith

Artist - Christopher Saunders

Music & SoundFX - AgentBSmith

Credit for the models used within our game: 

3D Scifi pedestal turntable model by Bill Nguyen (Turbosquid) 

3D Fuel Tank 4-X by Mykhailo Ohorodnichuk (Turbosquid) 

Sci-Fi Modular Corridor model by AzDm (Turbosquid) 

3D Sci-Fi Panel V1 model by Marc Mons (Turbosquid) 

Capsule by luciennes (Turbosquid) 

Modular SciFi Season 1 Starter Bundle by Jonathon Frederick (Unreal Marketplace) 

Modular SciFi Season 2 Starter Bundle by Jonathon Frederick (Unreal Marketplace) 

Construction Site VOL. 1 – Supply and Material Props by Dekogon Studios (Unreal Marketplace) 

Construction Site VOL. 2 – Tools, Parts, and Machine Props by Dekogon Studios (Unreal Marketplace) 

M5 VFX Vol2. Fire and Flames by JeongukChoi (Unreal Marketplace) 

Free Furniture Pack by Next Level 3D (Unreal Marketplace) 

Industry Props Pack 6 by SilverTm (Unreal Marketplace) 

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