Star Seekers : Rasputnik

A small game about Rasputnik, a robot stranded on a strange planet, trying to fix his space ship and leave this weird place.
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Mi Casa es tu Casa
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
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OS : Windows

Made with Unity


The goal is to collect the parts of your starship that crashed to go back to your planet.

For that you will need to collect resources. You can do it by hand or automate it with some tools like generators, drilling machines and conveyor belts.

You also have been endomaged during the crash. So you will have to grab some modules to recover all your abilities.

Note : the yellow machine is a craft machine, you can throw resources in it to generate some objects. You can select the object you want to build with the two white buttons on both site of the recipe name on the machine.


English :
Move forward = Z
Move backward = S
Move left = Q
Move right = D
Jump = SPACE
Interaction = E
Drop item = shift

French :
Déplacement Avant = Z
Déplacement Arrière = S
Déplacement Gauche = Q
Déplacement Droite = D
Saut = Espace 
Interaction = E
Lacher objet = shift


Dev :

  • Léo Le Sommer
  • Armand Imbach

Game Art

  • Audrey Frechet
  • Corentin Merville
  • Quentin Seigneret
  • Gaetan Iorio

Game Design :

  • Théo Pacalet
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Third Person