Space Runner

Our hero was left alone at the station in outer space. Due to a lack of energy, the station turns off available modules in turn. In order for the station to continue to function, we need to connect still working modules that fly by. But what is inside the modules forgotten in space? What are additional modules capable of? Until you start, you don’t know...
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MS Windows
Technology Notes: 
PyGame with pure Python. The true source code contains in "Repository Link"
Installation Instructions: 

Just run "Space runner.exe" file.


Пономарев Александр - Ответственный за звук, помощь в коде. 

Тельнов Владимир - Художник, помощь в коде.

Желнин Вадим - Ответственный за код.


Ponomarev Alexandr - Responsible for sound, help with code.

Telnov Vladimir - Main Artist, help with code.

Zhelnin Vadim - Main coder.

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