Soul Repair

(Spa) En la decada de los ´60, el mundo estaba lleno de desdicha y agonia. Guerras, hambrunas, provocan la tristeza de todos los ciudadanos. Pero eso va a cambiar cuando nuestro querido personaje, un joven apasionado, lleno de bondad , comience a repartir amor y paz al mundo. (Eng) In the 1960s, the world was full of misery and agony. Wars, famines, provoke the sadness of all citizens. But that will change when our dear character, a young man, full of kindness, starts to give love and peace to the world.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Toon Boom - Krita - Art Rage - Reaper

Installation Instructions: 

1 - Unzipping the game (Executable)

2 - Open executable .exe "GGJ2020.exe."

3 - Enjoy !


How to play (Controls):

* Use keyboard to tipe the words that appears in the screen

* Use spacebar to jump


In game:




Use your power of love to fight the employers and makes them smile :)


Alejandro J. Zambrana Castán (Alex Draven) - Programmer, Game Designer

Matías Maranzana (Asperum)- Programmer, Sound Creator

Guadalupe Marpegán (Zebratoon)  - 2D Artist, Animations

Mauricio D'Angelo (MdeMerca) - 2D Artist, level designer, Sound Creator

María de los Ángeles Escobar (Slothy) - 2D Artist

Marina Mogistris (MarinaMag) - Story & Narrative, Sound Creator

Alberto N. Ferroni  - Music, Sound

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Side Scroller