Social Car Mechanic

The game is set in Bulgaria, during the socialism regime. In this game, the player takes the role of a car mechanic. The main character of this story is Bay Zheko. Bay Zheko has a dream - to save some money for a brand new VAZ 2107 - the pearl of the soviet craftsmanship. During the day, the mechanic services and repairs broken down soviet cars, because, as we all know - they break a lot. He repairs them, as good as he can, with what little parts he could find during those times of scarcity. But sometimes his stock shelves are just empty. So, during the night, Bay Zheko goes to the scrapyards and...."liberates" whatever parts he could find. If he keeps doing that, the secret police will eventually catch wind of him - they will arrest him and send him to a Gulag camp. There is one way that Bay Zheko can reduce the the secret police awareness - by reporting "aristocratic" car owners that come by his garage. Will Bay Zheko manage to save enough money and achieve his dream? Or will he end up in a Gulag Camp?
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Native Sound
Fish Eye
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Developers {Georgi Kostov, Stefan Stavrev}

Models + Art { Ivan Dimov, Vanya Dobreva}Social

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Point & Click