Slug Painter

Play as either a Slug or sadistic soab who loves to pour salt on poor slugs. As a slug your goal is to restore your ancestors heritage of famous slug paintings. As a person who doesn't like slugs, your goal is to stop these slugs from painting the canvas.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
-Maya 3D (for 3D modeling). -Substance Painter (for material design). -Photoshop (for the 2d illustrations).

-Samantha Larios Peña             (Rigging, Animation, 2D Artist).
-Ricardo Gonzales Alvarez        (Programming, 3D modeling).
-Orlando Gamez Guerrero         (3D Artist).
-Aide Morales Salazar                (2D Artist, Lead Designer).
-Raul Gilberto Lara Elizondo      (3D Artist).
-Johan Gilberto Peña Izaguirre (3D Artist, Programming).
- Jose Adan Marroquin Ortiz      (3D Artist)
-Jose Miguel Mendieta Hernandez (2D Artist).
-Erick Ruiz Segura                               (Programming).

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