Scratches N Stitches

You're doin' your best to mend a nice blanket, but these dang cats keep steppin' and scratchin' all over it!! Balance between using your trusty needle to repair the tears and your spray bottle to shoo those pesky kitties away. But don't forget to refill your bottle in the water station if it runs out!! If your blanket takes too much damage, it's game over! How to play: Left click to pick up & use tools. Use the Spray Bottle to shoo away cats, and the Needle to stick tears in the blanket (HOLD left click). Put the Spray bottle in the water charging station (top right) to fill it up.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Jonathan Rawlings - Art

Dominic Sileo - Design

Rob Myr - Music, Sound, Design @RobMyr

Harvey Jules - Programming & Art

Paul Murray - Programming & Design

Derrick Fallon - Art & Design

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