Science Fixin'

Help Space Cadet Finn repair his ship as he charges up the Hyper Drive! Keep everything under control with your trusty drone, Jules as the ship slowly gets engulfed in flames. Just watch for her faulty programming, as she can occasionally malfunction and make the situation worse. CONTROLS: W - Jump A/D - Move SPACE - Use Item E - Pick up/Interact INSTRUCTIONS: Take care of fire with the extinguisher, which you can find laying around somewhere on the ship. Once you've got it, get near an open flame and USE the item! Don't worry, your suit is fireproof. At some point, Jules may malfunction. Your ship will let you know if this happens with a warning indication of [HACKED]. To fix this, pick her up and take her to the blue repair station. Once she's ready to go, she'll get back to work. Throughout her tantrum she'll spill oil all over the place. Use your trusty mop to clean it up!
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
GameMaker (any product)
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Extract and run .exe


John Robinson - Artist/Programmer

Alain Nunez - Programmer

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