Save or Salt

Save or Salt is a 2 player table-top strategy game with cute plants, guns, unpredictable weather, and lots of salt. In this neighborhood, it's salt or be salted. You and your neighbor's gardens have been unexpectedly destroyed by a storm. There's an unspoken garden rivalry between you and your neighbor...and this storm is the perfect opportunity to flex your impeccable gardening skills. It's your task to repair the garden to its former glory while slowing or completely inhibiting your neighbor's ability to save their own garden.
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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Components 2 Garden Boards Deck of Weather Cards 40 Sunlight Pieces 20 Dandetwinks 20 Succulents 20 Bamboo 20 Cabbages 20 Salt Pieces 2 6-sided Dice Setup Give each player 1 Garden Board. Give each player 6 Sunlight. Place a "sunny" weather card face-up between the two gardens. Place six weather cards face-down next to the "sunny" card. wip

Tarik Kirkendoll and Eli Wess; both of whom did a complicated amount of design and illustration...

A huge thanks to all of the lovely people who play tested our game during the jam! Your comments and inputs were invaluable to this project!

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