You drive a car through an apocalyptic world and try to escape by avoiding obstacles and gathering resources to repair any damage your car suffers. "In a not so distant future, the world has gone crazy. Some weird creatures survived the hazards threatening the existence of life. And so have you. You are a survivor. You always have been. However, these mutated life forms might be the only help you can get in the adventure that awaits you. To find a safe spot of land in this ongoing apocalypse, you must navigate your wrecked vehicle through a deserted world spiked by hazards. Will you survive ...?"
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine

Team Lead, Programming, and Game Design:
Achim Helmers

Programming and Game Design:
George Wills

Game Design and Art:
Huy Ta Quang

Game Design and UI/UX:
Benjamin Linz

Game Art:
Aydan Sadig
Larissa Ignatz

Sound FX and Music:
Philip Weber

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