The Revenge of Arkanon

The world has forgotten the evils of Arkanon after he was sealed away, but he has not forgotten his lust for revenge! Arkanon has returned and looks to destroy the realm. Find reforging stones and fix the Sword of Sealing to vanquish Arkanon or keep the pillars of Sealing from crumbling to weaken him and defeat him with your own means! In this game, move around the world of Estorn and collect items to help you deal with a multitude of different encounters. Find reforged stones to either fix the continuously crumpling pillars of Sealing or to reforge the Sword of Sealing. Your choices matter as Arkanon becomes stronger as the two pillars crumple and moves ever towards the city! Controls Movement: WASD Mouse for button clicking
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming and UI Design: Paula Navarro

Game Design and programming: Julio Fernandez

Music: Juan Hust

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