Repair Yourself An Army

You are a rebel repair bot caught in the crossfire of a tripartite war. Repair the broken bots to turn them against the invaders. You are equipped with a gun and repair field, but don't count on your gun too much as it's not very efficient. Instead you should focus on scavenging the broken bots across the battlefield and grow your rebel army. WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot, scrollwheel to zoom. Smoking bots are broken and won't attack you, those are your preys, bots with a yellow head are bots you've repaired, those are your allies, anything else is an enemy and won't hesitate to dismantle you if you get too close. You can never repair a damaged bot back to it's original strength, so your army is by design at a disadvantage in one on one battles, however you can repair them as they fight, so make sure you support them. Bots affected by your repair field have a cranking wrench next to them. There is no victory condition: you to decide when you've had enough. But you can always try to beat your highscore ;)
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Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Godot Engine
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The executable is standalone, simply download it, unzip it, and run it.


To bulid from source, you should only need the Godot Editor.


This game was made possible by the open work of several people, see the README for details.

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